Cystic Fibrosis Research

Shinerama found its name when students used to shine clients shoes in exchange for donations going toward Cystic Fibrosis Research. Cystic Fibrosis is a disease without a cure. Please help us by donating at the link provided. Thank you!

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting Canadian children and young adults. There is no cure. CF is a multi-system disease, primarily affecting the lungs and digestive system. In the lungs, where the effects of the disease are most devastating, a build-up of thick mucus causes increasingly severe respiratory problems. It may be difficult to clear bacteria from the lungs, leading to cycles of infection and inflammation, which damage delicate lung tissue.

Abandoned Cats Rescue

Abandoned Cats Rescue is a 100% volunteer run registered charity that is dedicated to rescuing orphaned, abandoned and otherwise unwanted cats and kittens. Please visit our website to see cats looking for forever homes or fundraising events

Abandoned Cats Rescue takes in unwanted, stray, abandoned an orphaned cats and kittens.

Through our 100% volunteer force, cats and kittens are vet checked, treated for any illnesses or injuries and placed in a loving foster home to be socialized and trained in a family environment while they await adoption into their Forever Home.

Many local vets have been gracious enough to provide care for our cats at discounted prices but vet bills can still get pretty large, especially for ill or injured cats.

Fundraising events are held year round, as well as adoptathons in participating PetSmart locations.

PKD Foundation of Canada – Hamilton Chapter

Renowned kidney experts give free public talks on potential new therapies for polycystic kidney disease at 2-hour informational support meetings of the Hamilton Chapter of the PKD Foundation of Canada, a registered charity.

Launched in July 2011, the Hamilton Chapter of the PKD Foundation of Canada offers area polycystic kidney disease (PKD) patients, their families and friends support and education, and raises funds for PKD research.

Meetings are open to the public, free of charge. Paid on-site parking and street parking is available and the venue is wheelchair accessible.

Hamilton Chapter support meetings take place from 2pm to 4pm every other month, in Juravinski Tower on the Charlton Campus of St. Josephs Healthcare Hamilton hospital.

Dr. Bob Kemp Centre for Hospice Palliative Care

Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to excellence in the provision of supportive care to individuals in the Hamilton-Wentworth region who are living with a life-threatening illness.

The Dr. Bob Kemp Centre for Hospice Palliative Care is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to excellence in the provision of supportive care to individuals in the Hamilton-Wentworth region who are living with a life-threatening illness.

Annual Events:

Walk For Hospice

In 2010, the Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice’s annual walk for Hospice raised more than $60,000. In 2011, our plan is to double that number.

The date is tentatively booked for the second weekend in June and promises to be full of fun for the whole family to enjoy

Labrador Retriever Adoption Service

Labrador Retriever Adoption Service (Lab Rescue) is a non-profit organization serving the GTA, staffed by volunteers who are dedicated to rescuing Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed in Canada and the United States, and that is why so many need to be rescued.

Once a dog is surrendered to Lab Rescue they will are evaluated, immunized (and any other medical care that might be necessary),
micro-chipped and adopted. If the Lab can not reside in its current household they will be
placed in a temporary foster home until a new loving permanent home can be located to place them in.

The best street food I ate in India

Wherever I travel, trying out the local foods is always one of the first and favorite things I do. There is nothing like experiencing a country through the food eaten by the people who live in various regions. This true all over the world, but especially in India.

Like the street food found around the world, eating from the stalls and tables outside on the walkways is not always the healthiest option, but it is always the most delicious one. Every state and city have their specialty that is delicious and affordable.


In Lakhanpur, I tried Bhalle – a fried pulses snack served with shredded radish and green chutney. Once you enter the area, you can smell the tangy, spicy aroma. Pulses are a dry legume that grows in a pod that contains up to 12 seeds, such as beans, lentils, and peas.


Almost anywhere in India, you will find this Punjabi breakfast staple that is not only served as a street food but in most Punjabi households, as well.

The ingredients are green peas cooked in Punjabi spices and curry, and then served with fried bread. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. To get the authentic taste, walk through the colorful streets of Amritsar and purchase a plate of the magnificent ChholeBhature. This was the best street food I ate in India.


First served on the streets of Patna, LittiChokha is the Bihari iteration of Dal Batti of Rajasthan. This delightful dish is acceptable for any meal and is a combination of a spicy curry or chikha from brinjal or mashed potato accompanied by Litti or gram (chickpea) bread. Spoon in some ghee for an exotic, delectable treat.


The so-called King of Street Food is, without a doubt, Momos. This dish is native to Nepal and Tibet but has migrated into the hearts and mouths of all Indians. It is extremely tasty and this roadside snack food can be found now in food centers and food courts in the fanciest of shopping malls.

It is made of spicy red sauce, steaming hot dumplings stuffed with vegetables or chicken. These dumplings are a meal you must not miss while traveling in India.


The Bengali version of Golgappe or PaaniPuri is Puchka, and there is no better way to cool off on a hot day than to pop one of these tangy, minty little “bombs” into your mouth. Of course, the best Puchkas come from roadside stands, which is a good thing because you will crave some of these small poppers as often as you can find them.

Eating street food is “iffy” in most countries. But resisting any of these fabulous foods would be a big mistake.

Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue

Ugly Mutts Ontario dog rescue, dog adoption and dog rehoming agency is dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned canines, and supporting dog owners that are looking to rehome their pets.

Ugly Mutts is an all breed Ontario dog rescue and companion animal rehoming service that is comprised of dedicated and experienced dog rescuers along with a host of volunteer foster families, funded solely by your donations.

Working together with local shelters, other rescues, and caring pet owners we are able to rescue, rehabilitate, train and provide quality foster care to homeless and owner surrendered pets until they can be adopted into suitable, loving new homes with committed adopters. Ugly Mutts volunteers have been committed to promoting responsible dog ownership for over 30 years and in 2009 alone they successfully rehomed over 250 pets that might have met with an otherwise untimely fate.

Shalem Mental Health Network

Shalem Mental Health Network is a faith- based, Ontario-focused network that provides responsive mental health support and resources to individuals and families.

Our services include:

Counselling – Building healthy couples, families and individuals; fostering attachment in children.

Congregational Assistance Plan – Churches making available to all of their members solution-focused counselling sessions from a local, professional Christian therapist, anonymously and at no charge to the church member.

WrapAround – Empowering a community to offer real hope to people struggling with complex, overwhelming needs. Restorative Justice – Repairing harm, transforming conflict in communities, schools and churches. RE-create –

A drop-in art studio engaging street-involved youth in downtown Hamilton.

Social Media Consultant for Nonprofits

Social Media Web Solutions is an extremely talented web and online marketing group in Toronto, Hamilton, and Burlington. We help businesses reach their goals by using the latest web technologies and social media strategies.

Neil Reeve-Newson is a social media consultant in Hamilton. He helps companies in Hamilton, Toronto, and Burlington reach their goals using social media site like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Neil also has experience as a social media consultant for nonprofits. He helps nonprofits and charities to gain awareness and increase donations though social media.

Social Media companies in Hamilton have tremendous knowledge and power to do good will. We will see more activism in the near future.

Homestead Christian Care

Homestead Christian Care is a non-profit organization offering supportive, affordable housing to adults with serious mental illness. We assist our residents in meeting personal recovery goals by offering life skills training, providing social opport.

Homestead Christian Care is a non-profit organization offering supportive, affordable housing to adults with serious mental illness. We assist our residents in meeting personal recovery goals by offering life skills training, providing social opportunities and spiritual care. Tags: Homestead, Christian, Mental Health, Housing, Social Services, affordable housing.

How to apply for a visa to Myanmar?

Due to the lifting of sanctions that isolated Myanmar formerly known as Burma from the rest of the world, there has been an influx of tourists and foreign business travelers in search of investment opportunities in the country.

As the number of visitors grows, the Myanmar authorities are considering giving some categories of foreign entrepreneurs in the country permanent residence visas. Currently, a Myanmar business visa is valid for up to 70 days. The holder may leave or apply for an extension that is valid up to 12 months once the visa expires.

This, however, depends on the holder’s circumstances and is considered on a case by case basis.Many may ask How do I apply for a visa to Myanmar?This article explains how to apply a visa to Myanmar and what is done on the arrival.

1. Myanmar Visa Application

All persons visiting Myanmar should have a passport that is valid for more than six months. An entry visa is also required. To apply for a Myanmar visa, you must have the following:

  • A completed visa application form
  • A passport that is valid for more than six months
  • Two color passport size photos with a white background
  • Air tickets/flight itinerary copies
  • A fee of 300 RMB (payable in cash)
  • An invitation letter from a Myanmar company and a recommendation letter from your employer describing your occupation, reasons for visiting and arrival and departure dates.

To ease the process of visa application and to get a visa sticker on your passport, the Myanmar Immigration Department allows online business visa application processing and gives a pre-arranged visa to business persons and conference attendees on arrival. Valid for 70 days, these visas are offered to travelers from 27 countries and cost $50. They are not available to tourists.

2.Requirements for Visas on Arrival

On arrival to Myanmar, you are required to fill a visa on arrival application form, which can be downloaded from the website of the country’s Immigration Department or obtained from the airlines at the airport.

You need to come with two recent 4 cm by 6 cm color photos of yourself along with a valid passport whose expiry date is not due for at least six months from your arrival date. Bring also an invitation letter from the sponsoring company, copies of company registration or produce evidence of permission to do business from the relevant authorities or a business license.

Applicants should mention the full names of the business premises, the location, sponsor, and position in the firm. If applying for an extension of the business visa, the applicant should have a letter of recommendation from the relevant ministries. If you are applying for a transit visa, you must show the air ticket to your destination.Your name and address of your hotel accommodation in Myanmar should be mentioned and should be in facilities that are legally licensed by the government.

All visa applicants should agree to the decisions of the visa scrutiny and issuing team.
Applicants are also required to abide by the laws, procedures, directives and orders of the Government of Myanmar. Permission needs to be obtained before traveling to restricted areas in the country. Visas for children under the age of seven are issue free, although proof of relation with parents must be produced for children holding separate passports.