Best places to shop in Australia

Best places to shop in Australia

When it comes to shopping, Australia is a destination like no other! There are a variety of shopping places that you can explore. From high-end brands to vintage items, shopping in Australia will be a remarkable experience for you.

List of Best Shopping Places by CityIt is guaranteed that you will be satisfied when you do shopping in Australia. Best places to shop can be found in many big cities. This article will tell you the best places in Australia’s big cities, read along as we unfold them one by one.


Although Canberra might be a less popular destination for tourists, this city holds several interesting shopping spots. If you are into high-street fashion brands, Canberra Centre. The enormous shopping center is located in Canberra’s central business district and it was made an Australian Capital Historic Site since 1997.


Darwin is the place to buy exotic handcrafted items made by the Aborigins. Visit Darwin’s central business district where you can find the place to do your art shopping in Australia. Best places to shop in Darwin includes Smith Street Mall and Casuarina Square.


Weekend markets are a must visit when you are in Perth. Head over to Fremantle and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with local vendors and art performances. Shopaholics also can’t miss Perth’s King Street, where you can find well-known brands from all over the world.


Food is an inseparable part when you do shopping in Australia. Best places to enjoy culinary adventure while shopping in Hobart are the Centrepoint Shopping Centre and Salamanca Place. Centrepoint Shopping Centre is located in the city center, close to tourist attractions.


Check out South Bank Markets for an unforgettable shopping experience. Here you will find a lot of exceptional vendors and enjoy a relaxing open air atmosphere. You can also go to fashion outlets to browse for designer items at discounted prices.


Rundle Mall is your go-to destination for shopping in Adelaide. It has more than 700 shops, as well as cafes and bars so you can indulge both your inner shopaholic and foodie at the same time!


For those of you with an edgy style that have an eye for indie designers, check out Crown Street and King Street. Sydney is also heaven for vintage lovers because of its famous Glebe markets that happen every Saturday.


Queen Victoria Markets is definitely one shopping place in Melbourne that you can’t miss. Here you can shop for anything from food until clothes. While shopping, don’t forget to taste various snacks and enjoy the exquisite architecture.

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