What is an Australian eTA visa?

What is an Australian eTA visa

eTA stands for Electronic Travel Authority which pertains to granting of travel documents in an easier and user-friendly method. This is essentially an authorization that allows entry to Australia via an electronic signature which is actually linked to your passport.

This type of visa allows individuals to enter the country for a short term, essentially making it temporary. The purpose of the visit is restricted to tourist trips, business meetings, conferences, or medical treatment. However, you must not mistake the Australian visa application with a work permit, which is acquired after a more complex and detailed procedure.

In order to understand, “what is an Australian eTA visa?” please refer to the information that you might have about United States visitor B1/B2 visa. Ideally these two visas are identical; they allow for a short term entry to the country, for tourism or business, and in both cases one cannot engage in any sort of work that will involve exchange of money. In short, it is not a permission to engage in work of any kind.

Eligibility requirement

The requirements for acquiring this type of visa are very simple; simplest, in fant in terms of many other visa requirements that I have come across. First, you must have a valid passport, and secondly, you should be outside Australia at the time of applying for it. Viola!You are eligible! And, the Australian authorities don’t charge for the eTA visa application, but when applying online, there is a 20 AUD service fee.

Time to Acquisition

Once applied, you can have the visa in your hands within 48 hours, which makes it available for you even with last minute plans.No more spending nerve wrecking days and nights waiting for the visa to arrive.

How does it work

Once, eTA visa is acquired, you have the following benefits:

  • This visa facilitates multiple entries to you within the year of its acquisition. For example, if you have attended a conference in March, in Sydney, and you want to spend the month of August in Wollongong, it is totally doable with this visa.
  • If you have a long work collaboration or a medical condition, where the work in question or treatment would take weeks to finish, with the eTa visa you can stay up to three months with each visit. This gives you enough time to effectively finish your work or arrange even follow-ups after the medical treatment.
  • While this is definitely not a work visa, one can use this opportunity to do employment enquiries, or if you have already secured an employment online, using this visa you can go to Australia to review and sign the final contract of your employment.

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