Abandoned Cats Rescue

Abandoned Cats Rescue

Abandoned Cats Rescue is a 100% volunteer run registered charity that is dedicated to rescuing orphaned, abandoned and otherwise unwanted cats and kittens. Please visit our website to see cats looking for forever homes or fundraising events

Abandoned Cats Rescue takes in unwanted, stray, abandoned an orphaned cats and kittens.

Through our 100% volunteer force, cats and kittens are vet checked, treated for any illnesses or injuries and placed in a loving foster home to be socialized and trained in a family environment while they await adoption into their Forever Home.

Many local vets have been gracious enough to provide care for our cats at discounted prices but vet bills can still get pretty large, especially for ill or injured cats.

Fundraising events are held year round, as well as adoptathons in participating PetSmart locations.

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