Requirements for ESTA visa

As a mandatory requirement for everyone traveling to the USA by air or sea under the visa waiver program (VWP). The online system usually allows people from specific countries to fill in the required forms by answering the relevant questions. The whole process can be completed in the comfort of one’s home since it doesn’t require any hardcopy material or visits to the relevant embassies, making it a very convenient way to get authorization to get into America. It usually has three simple steps that start by keying in the required information, reviewing the online forms and then making payments.

To be a successful applicant, one needs to fulfill all the requirements such as being a citizen of an approved country, not have a visa and doesn’t intend to stay in America as an immigrant but is rather traveling for either business of leisure. The travel period should not be more than 90 days and the traveler doesn’t have a visa. Although it’s possible to apply for someone else, it’s advisable for every person to fill individually in order to ensure that all the information is as accurate as possible. Entering wrong information can lead to the visa denial, which can in turn cause unnecessary delays in the approval or complete disqualification.

Other requirements for getting an ESTA Application to the USA include having the ability to pay the required application fee of $14. This payment can be made using different methods like a master card, VISA card, American Express or a PayPal account and must be submitted within a week. In addition, one needs to have a valid contact address so they can be easy to contact in case of changes of their application status. This can help one handle any changes as soon as they arise thus helping them tackle any problems soon as they arise. Other than the contact information that should include a valid phone number and/or email address, an applicant also needs to enter employment information.

It’s important to get a payment receipt and keep it safe as a proof of payment. The approval process takes a relatively short period of 3 days. After the period, an applicant needs to check their status and make any changes if required. They should also review the application and ensure everything is in order to avoid any problems at the point of entry. Keep the visa safe and accessible and always give the correct number at the entry in order to avoid any issues such as any delays arising from an untraceable visa number. Keep in mind that other issues like traveling to certain countries like Afghanistan within a short time before applying can lead to disqualification and visa denial.