Shooting Star Theatrics, Inc.

Shooting Star Theatrics is a non-profit Hamilton theatre company that is working to bring quality, Broadway-style shows to our community at an affordable ticket price.

Founded in September 2007, Shooting Star Theatrics, Inc. (formerly Shooting Star Theatre Company) is a non-profit Hamilton theatre company that is working to bring quality, Broadway-style shows to our community at an affordable ticket price. Shooting Star’s shows have included everything from well-loved favourites, to interactive murder mysteries, to hidden Broadway gems that have been loved by audiences of all ages. We continuously strive to raise the bar for community theatres everywhere and look forward to bringing entertainment to the Hamilton area for years to come!

Travelling to Canada on tourist visa?

Tourist visas to this North American country are of two types: single entry and multiple entry.

It must be noted that both these visas have validity for fixed periods. With a single entry visa, an individual can enter Canada only once. If the visa holder leaves Canada, she/he needs a new visa to reenter Canada. They are, however, allowed to travel to the United States and St. Pierre and Miquelon.

It must be noted that both these visas have validity for fixed periods. With a single entry visa, an individual can enter Canada only once. If the visa holder leaves Canada, she/he needs a new visa to reenter Canada. They are, however, allowed to travel to the United States and St. Pierre and Miquelon.

With a multiple entry visa, its holder can enter and exit Canada for six months once, without the need to reapply every time. In certain cases, multiple entry visas can have validity of up to 10 years, or a month before the passport expiry date of the visa holder, whichever occurs first.
To meet the eligibility requirements, immigration authorities need to provide proof of the following.

You need to have an authentic passport, must be in fine fettle, have enough money to sustain yourself while you are in Canada, should have a residence out of Canada and close relations as well who will need you to be with them after you complete you Canadian visit, entering Canada for a limited and definite duration, have plans of leaving Canada after the time of your visit ends, must not intend to look out for a job or take up a job during your stay in Canada, no criminal records against your name, are not a security hazard, agree to follow the laws of the country to T and may have to take a medical examination to prove that you do not pose a health risk or are unwell.

Prior to applying for a tour to Canada, read the fine print of the visa or permit requirements to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria.

You can apply online using a camera, credit card and scanner for being able to generate electronic copies of documents.

For applying on paper, one can download your application form and the appropriate checklist.

Ensure that you read the instruction guide and be cautious while filling up the application form. One thing the applicant has to note is that the barcode page must be included in the completed application. Applicants should take care while filling up the application to ensure that all the information requested, fees and documents have been provided.

The fees for the application should be paid through certified cheque or bank draft.

When visiting your local CVAC (Canada Visa Application Centre), remind yourself to have with you your photographs, passport, completed forms and all relevant documents according to checklist and CIC ( Citizenship and Canada Immigration) fee instrument and instructions for payment.

Pay your service charges and submit your completed application at the CVAC, following which a receipt will be issued. Included in your receipt will be your unique tracking number with which you can keep tabs online of your application’s progress. Biometric data needs to be submitted as well.

An extension is given to the tourist visa to Canada, subject to certain criteria. In order to extend the tourist visa, application should be made 30 days prior to the original visa’s expiry data.

For Indians, single entry tourist visa fee costs around C$100 and multiple entry visa fees costs the same as well. The fee for extension of Canada Tourist Visa too is C$100.

Road tripping through Canada

Have you ever been road tripping through Canada? If the answer is yes, cheers to you! You sure are an adventurous sole and must have realized the beauty Canada has to offer from its beautiful landscape to its busy metropolitan cities.

But if the answer is no – you have been missing out a very refreshing tour. The second largest country in the world, Canada has breathtaking views and variety of terrain. Road tripping through Canada, you will be able to appreciate the scenic beauty Canada has to offer.

However the main reason why you haven’t heard much about travel and tourism in Canada is due to the vast distances and expensive travel. Nevertheless, there are certain road trips you must plan for – such as a road trip through the Trans-Canada Highway.

The Trans-Canada Highway

Living in Canada or close to it on the American border, you must have heard about the Trans-Canada Highway. Covering a distance of more than 7800 km, the Trans-Canada Highway is the world’s longest national highway from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s, Newfoundland. There are several recommended routes including “Ride the Rockies”, “Prairie Ramble”, “Historic Ontario” and “East Coasting”. The specialty of the Trans-Canada Highway is that it touches every province of the country.

What you need to do

Before you set out road tripping through Canada, make sure you have the following:


More than obvious is that you would need a car. You can choose to use your own if you have one or alternatively you could rent a car. However, a rent a car option is quite expensive and can cause complications as inter-province laws might ban entry of rent-a-car services. This means you might have to interchange cars across provinces.


If you are planning a road trip, make sure you have at least a week’s tour planned. A one or two day tour will not accomplish anything as distances between cities and provinces are large.


Be prepared to be alone on the road and no one or no facilities for miles at end. Don’t forget to subscribe for Canadian Automobile Association’s roadside assistance in case your car breaks down.

Vehicle registration

Before setting out, don’t forget you will need to get your vehicle registered


Don’t forget to check out the weather forecast for the week. You don’t want yourself stranded in heaps of snow.

Plan your itinerary

Meticulously plan your tour. Load your maps and make sure you pack yourself all the essentials needed for a week’s road trip. Bookmark sport you want to see and hotels or rest rooms you want to stop at.

Have a great time road tripping through Canada. Enjoy the countless lakes, the vase coastline, tundra forests, prairies and glaciers as you wander through Canada.

Do I need a visa to go to India?

The Indian motto is “Athithi Devo Bhava” meaning “Guest is God”. The people here believe in treating a foreign guest with best they can. The country opens its arms to the entire world to come and visit, but following a little bit of procedure. Visa being the most crucial part of the paper work, is subjective to each country. Here is our answer to the question, “do you need a visa to go to India”.

Visa Free Entry

Based upon historic instances and modern policy changes, only citizens of three countries can step into the Territory of Indian subcontinent without a Visa.

These countries are:

  • Bhutan
  • Nepal
  • Maldives, *the visa free entry of Maldivians is conditioned to only 90 days after which they need to acquire Visa.

Exceptions: any citizen of the above-mentioned country is not allowed Visa free entrance if he or she is coming from Mainland China.

Visa Exemption for People of Indian Origin Card Holders

People of Indian Origin are those who do not give up their Indian Citizenship even after migrating abroad. Usually, POI, holding the POI card does not require a visa to enter the country.

Exception: A POI residing in the following countries cannot avail Visa-Free entry invoking his card:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • China
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka

Visa on Arrival

This is a provision where citizens of certain countries can avail Visa after entering the country, at certain international airports in India like:

  • Chennai
  • Bengaluru
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad
  • Cochin
  • Delhi
  • Goa
  • Trivandrum

The countries allowed this facility are:

  1. Australia
  2. Brazil
  3. Cambodia
  4. Fiji
  5. Finland
  6. Germany
  7. Indonesia
  8. Israel
  9. Japan
  10. Jordan
  11. Kenya
  12. Kiribati
  13. Laos
  14. Luxembourg
  15. Mauritius
  16. Mexico
  17. Myanmar
  18. Nauru
  19. New Zealand
  20. Norway
  21. Oman
  22. Palau
  23. Palestine
  24. Papua New Guinea
  25. Philippines
  26. Republic of Korea
  27. Russia
  28. Singapore
  29. Thailand
  30. UAE
  31. Vietnam

Terms and Conditions

A “Tourist Visa on Arrival” will only be granted if the following Terms and Conditions are upheld:

  • The sole objective of the traveler should be tourism, recreation, sightseeing, visiting family or relatives, short medical treatment or casual business.
  • The validity of passport should be of at least 6 months.
  • The return journey tickets should already be booked.
  • Travelers of Pakistani Origin or holding Pakistani Passports will not be eligible.
  • The Visa is granted for a period of 30 days for a single person.
  • With the same visa, only two entries are allowed with each one being two months apart.

Before voyaging to India, the traveler must access the Visa to India application form on the online portal. The website would require you to upload scanned copies of the required documents, the filled application and pay a fee online. You can then receive an E-Visa.

Pre Arrival Visa

Apart from the above listed countries, people from rest of the world, need to apply Visa prior to the travel. There are 181 countries which fall under this category including USA, UK, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and so on.

Now that you know where your country stands in the list, it is time to prep up accordingly, pack your bags and fly to India!

Bon Voyage!

Do I need a visa to go to Cambodia?

While Cambodia is probably one of the first destinations that comes to mind when you think of a vacation, over 1 million people visit Cambodia each year in just the months of December and January. With magnificent ancient ruins and an affordable nightlife, visitors have a choice between an adventurous and a relaxing, romantic vacation. One of the first questions that will come to mind is ”Do I need a visa to go to Cambodia?”

In a word, yes. All American citizens require a visa to enter Cambodia. The upside is that visas are easily obtained and may be obtained in as little as 10 minutes.

4 Ways to Get a Cambodian Visa

There are 4 ways to obtain a Cambodian visa:

  1. In person at the Cambodian Embassy
  2. By mail or courier to the Cambodian Embassy
  3. Online to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation’s website
  4. At certain entry points into Cambodia[ii].

In Person Application

To apply in person at the Cambodian Embassy you will need to take with you a valid Passport. This passport must be valid until at least 6 months after the planned entry date into Cambodia. You will also need 1 current passport sized (2”x2”) photograph and the visa fee of $20.

Applications by Mail

To apply by mail, you will need to mail, in addition to the documents required for in-person applications, a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Applications for Cambodian visas made in person or by mail to the Embassy take up to 5 business days to be processed, so please allow ample time before your planned trip.

Online Applications

To apply online for an e-visa you must use the website at You will need to have a passport with the same validity requirements outlined above and you will need to have a passport photo in PNG or JPEG format. Note also that in addition to the standard Visa Fee of $20 there is an additional processing fee of $5 for e-visas. Processing time is 3 business days.

Applying at Entry Points

Applying for your Cambodian Visa at points of entry into the Kingdom is easy and fast. You may prefer to choose this option. You will need a Passport valid until at least 6 months after entry and a current passport size photo. Note carefully that ONLY points of entry listed in the footnote are authorized to issue visas. Note even more carefully that in all cases the Visa Fee is $20 and there are NO additional fees.

Children and Business Travelers

Children under the age of 12 travelling with a parent do NOT pay Visa Fees. Persons travelling for business will need to provide documentary evidence of the business they intend to do in Cambodia to obtain a valid Business Visa.

Best places to shop in Australia

When it comes to shopping, Australia is a destination like no other! There are a variety of shopping places that you can explore. From high-end brands to vintage items, shopping in Australia will be a remarkable experience for you.

List of Best Shopping Places by CityIt is guaranteed that you will be satisfied when you do shopping in Australia. Best places to shop can be found in many big cities. This article will tell you the best places in Australia’s big cities, read along as we unfold them one by one.


Although Canberra might be a less popular destination for tourists, this city holds several interesting shopping spots. If you are into high-street fashion brands, Canberra Centre. The enormous shopping center is located in Canberra’s central business district and it was made an Australian Capital Historic Site since 1997.


Darwin is the place to buy exotic handcrafted items made by the Aborigins. Visit Darwin’s central business district where you can find the place to do your art shopping in Australia. Best places to shop in Darwin includes Smith Street Mall and Casuarina Square.


Weekend markets are a must visit when you are in Perth. Head over to Fremantle and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with local vendors and art performances. Shopaholics also can’t miss Perth’s King Street, where you can find well-known brands from all over the world.


Food is an inseparable part when you do shopping in Australia. Best places to enjoy culinary adventure while shopping in Hobart are the Centrepoint Shopping Centre and Salamanca Place. Centrepoint Shopping Centre is located in the city center, close to tourist attractions.


Check out South Bank Markets for an unforgettable shopping experience. Here you will find a lot of exceptional vendors and enjoy a relaxing open air atmosphere. You can also go to fashion outlets to browse for designer items at discounted prices.


Rundle Mall is your go-to destination for shopping in Adelaide. It has more than 700 shops, as well as cafes and bars so you can indulge both your inner shopaholic and foodie at the same time!


For those of you with an edgy style that have an eye for indie designers, check out Crown Street and King Street. Sydney is also heaven for vintage lovers because of its famous Glebe markets that happen every Saturday.


Queen Victoria Markets is definitely one shopping place in Melbourne that you can’t miss. Here you can shop for anything from food until clothes. While shopping, don’t forget to taste various snacks and enjoy the exquisite architecture.

HBSPCA Children’s Program Facilitator(s)

Junior Humane is a great way for children to start learning about the SPCA and animal care in a fun and educational setting. Great volunteer experience for teachers, child & youth workers or ANYONE that wants to work with children!

The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA is looking for enthusiastic individual(s) to facilitate the fall, winter and spring sessions of the JUNIOR HUMANE PROGRAM.

Junior Humane is the program for animal lovers. It’s a great way for children to start learning about the SPCA and animal care in a fun and educational setting. We have animal interaction, guest speakers, guest animals, crafts etc. Our focus is always on teaching respect and compassion for all living things. Children learn practical pet knowledge and ownership responsibility.

The facilitator(s) are responsible for instructing a group of up to 15 children. Each session involves a lesson, game/craft and a guest speaker/animal. 6 weeks of curriculum, lessons and training will be provided in advance.

Great volunteer experience for teachers, child & youth workers, social service workers or ANYONE that works with or wants to work with children!

Session details:

Ages 7-9: Meet Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:15pm

Fall 2014: Oct. 8th – Nov. 12th
Winter 2015: Jan. 21st – Feb. 25th
Spring 2015: Apr. 8th – May 13th

Ages 10-12: Meet Thursday nights from 6:00-7:15pm

Fall 2014: Oct. 9th – Nov. 13th
Winter 2015: Jan. 22st – Feb. 26th
Spring 2015: Apr. 9th – May 14th

Redefining Hamilton

Themed to celebrate our City in transformation, Redefining Hamilton will include engaging experiences with local artists, musicians, foodies, thought-leaders, change-makers, influencers and leaders. This isn’t your typical gala.

Event Details:
Event Name: Redefining Hamilton
Location: Tim Hortons Field, Champions Club (64 Melrose Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8L 8C1)
Date: Friday, October 21st
Reception: 7:00PM
Dinner: 7:30PM
Dress Code: Cocktail
Ticket Price: $125
Ticket Details: Marché-Dinner | Dessert | Cash Bar | Silent Auction

Performances by:
Elissa Barber
The Vaudevillian

Event Information:

We’re undergoing a very exciting and optimistic time in Hamilton’s history—something many are calling a Renaissance of growth, economic diversification and culture. Though we’re seeing an upswing in development and prosperity, it’s important not to lose sight of the issues and challenges we still face in
Hamilton and the surrounding region.

Our most recent census data for Hamilton indicates that approximately 90,000 residents are living below the poverty line and that approximately 6,000 families are waiting for subsidized housing. As we know, access to adequate housing is incredibly important, directly impacting Hamilton’s economy, communities and people.

This year, Habitat Hamilton will be hosting its inaugural signature event—Redefining Hamilton—at Tim Hortons Field, paying tribute to the incredible successes of yesterday and the challenges we’re inspired to overcome tomorrow.

This isn’t your typical gala.

On Friday, October 21st, attendees will have the opportunity to experience Tim Hortons Field like never before. As the first gala-styled event to take place in our City’s new stadium, our event is sure to impress with incredible views of our industrial north-end, our tree-lined escarpment and our iconic downtown skyline.

Themed to celebrate our City in transformation, Redefining Hamilton will include engaging experiences with local artists, entertainers, chefs, foodies, thought-leaders, change-makers, influencers and leaders. Attendees will receive a full-course meal, uniquely delivered via action stations, with a smorgasbord of marché-styled experiences. The meal will be accompanied by live dinner music, followed by a few short words from our leadership team. Throughout the evening, guests will have the opportunity to bid on a wide array of highly-localized and noteworthy items at our silent auction. The evening will conclude with live (and local!) entertainment.

All proceeds from the gala will support Habitat for Humanity Hamilton and its Home Build Program.

Pomeranian and small breed rescue

Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue is a volunteer rescue group, providing care for dogs that have been surrendered, or are in danger of losing their lives in local Animal Control facilities. We are a registered Canadian charity, operated by a group of

Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue is a volunteer rescue group, providing care for dogs that have been surrendered, or are in danger of losing their lives in local Animal Control facilities. We are a registered Canadian charity, operated by a group of dedicated individuals working to provide a safe and loving environment for these wonderful animals.

Since its onset, Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue has successfully placed over 500 dogs into caring, loving homes. We have gone from one foster home to over 40 active volunteers. Tags: dog adoption, dogs, rescue, PSBR

What is an Australian eTA visa?

eTA stands for Electronic Travel Authority which pertains to granting of travel documents in an easier and user-friendly method. This is essentially an authorization that allows entry to Australia via an electronic signature which is actually linked to your passport.

This type of visa allows individuals to enter the country for a short term, essentially making it temporary. The purpose of the visit is restricted to tourist trips, business meetings, conferences, or medical treatment. However, you must not mistake the Australian visa application with a work permit, which is acquired after a more complex and detailed procedure.

In order to understand, “what is an Australian eTA visa?” please refer to the information that you might have about United States visitor B1/B2 visa. Ideally these two visas are identical; they allow for a short term entry to the country, for tourism or business, and in both cases one cannot engage in any sort of work that will involve exchange of money. In short, it is not a permission to engage in work of any kind.

Eligibility requirement

The requirements for acquiring this type of visa are very simple; simplest, in fant in terms of many other visa requirements that I have come across. First, you must have a valid passport, and secondly, you should be outside Australia at the time of applying for it. Viola!You are eligible! And, the Australian authorities don’t charge for the eTA visa application, but when applying online, there is a 20 AUD service fee.

Time to Acquisition

Once applied, you can have the visa in your hands within 48 hours, which makes it available for you even with last minute plans.No more spending nerve wrecking days and nights waiting for the visa to arrive.

How does it work

Once, eTA visa is acquired, you have the following benefits:

  • This visa facilitates multiple entries to you within the year of its acquisition. For example, if you have attended a conference in March, in Sydney, and you want to spend the month of August in Wollongong, it is totally doable with this visa.
  • If you have a long work collaboration or a medical condition, where the work in question or treatment would take weeks to finish, with the eTa visa you can stay up to three months with each visit. This gives you enough time to effectively finish your work or arrange even follow-ups after the medical treatment.
  • While this is definitely not a work visa, one can use this opportunity to do employment enquiries, or if you have already secured an employment online, using this visa you can go to Australia to review and sign the final contract of your employment.

What I learned by visiting Cambodia?

When I first thought about traveling to Cambodia I wasn’t so thrilled. I imagined the days I would spend in the woods with bears and mosquitos, or see some ruined temples. But at the end, I did it anyway. Now, after a 10 days trip to the Kingdom of Water, I can’t think of a better distention to spend your vacation.

Kingdom of Water

Cambodia is one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia. It’s famous for its ancient temples and beautiful forests. But it’s way beyond that. You can spend your best vacation traveling through various parts of Cambodia, and revealing its magical secrets.
Whether you are looking for you can find in Cambodia.

A relief and lazy stay by the crystal-clear water, a vacation full of shopping and buying souvenirs for your friends and relatives, a mystical trip where you play your best Indiana Jones’ imaginary role, or just a vacation that gives you the best time of your life, Then Cambodia is the place you are looking for.

What to do in Cambodia?

There are lots of activities that you can do in Cambodia. You can enjoy the Arts and manual craft that lots of Cambodian artists perform in front of audiences in a very fast a talented way, and of course, you can buy some of these artworks to give it as a present to your beloved ones back at home. If you want to then you can hire a boat to take you on an adventure within the Cambodian rivers. It is a unique experience that you can never find anywhere else.

The cultural exploration is one of the most reasons that makes people go to Cambodia. Angkor and Phnom Penh and other cities are some of the best destinations if you are seeking this kind of vacation. There are lots of templates that you can go to, they all have this strong spiritual power that you can feel once you put your feet in it.

If you are a fan of wildlife, then this is the land of your dreams. The wildlife in Cambodia is one of the best in entire Asia. Nature reserves are all over the country, where you can walk among wild animals and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

Hidden destinations

When you surf the Internet, you can find lots of destinations that you will enjoy in Cambodia. But there are many places that people don’t know about, and they are like hidden gems in there. Some of these destinations are Banteay Chhmar, Koh Rong Samloem, Rabbit Island, Pailin, Well of Shadows, Killing Caves of Phnom Sampeau, Dinosaur of Ta Prohm. Just look these places up and you’ll know what I mean.